Stainless Steel

//Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is by far the most commonly used corrosion resistant metal and is extensively used in areas of food handling. Four Square fabricates a wide range of Stainless steel products that originate from flat sheets. Stainless steel is graded for its corrosion resistance and hence cost reflects these grades. Four Square will assist with advice of which Stainless steel grade is best suited for your purpose.

From its sheet form, Four Square can fabricate stainless steel into an array of different end products for use across a wide range of applications. These include but are not exclusive to:

  • Display cabinets
  • Control system cabinets
  • Architectural architraves and frames
  • Face plates
  • Kick plates
  • Push plates
  • Wall protectors
  • Lighting enclosures
  • Thresholds
  • Kitchen walls
  • Cooker hoods and extraction covers
  • Splashbacks
  • Table, bar and stool tops
  • Mirrors

We work with and fabricate Stainless steel and deliver polished Stainless steel, mirror polished and brushed Stainless steel finishes.