Four Square works with galvanised sheet material or can have finished metal galvanised as part of our completion process. There are two types of galvanising: hot dip and cold dip. Each has their advantages and Four Square will assist with advice and cost estimates should you need assistance.

Galvanised steel is ideal for cold forming as mild steel is less dense than some of the heavier metals (i.e. iron) allowing for easier bending and profiling. Due to the toxicity of zinc fumes being formed when laser cutting or welding is undertaken, we cut sheet zinc with a high power guillotine and weld in a well-ventilated environment with welders using protective breathing masks.

In its sheet form Four Square fabricates galvanised steel from 1mm through to 3mm thickness into an array of different end products for use across a wide range of applications. These include but are not exclusive to:

  • Control system cabinets
  • Architectural architraves and frames
  • Face plates
  • HVAC air flow trunking and ducting
  • Kick plates
  • Push plates
  • Door security panels
  • Wall cappings
  • Lighting enclosures
  • Thresholds